Etsy Sales Tracker Google Spreadsheet, Track Listings, Revenue +More

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 💵  The key to having a successful business is knowing your numbers 💵


Our Google Spreadsheet simplifies your sales data so you can see at a glance how profitable you are by

✅ Month
✅ Quarter
✅ Year

Use the sales tracker to Supercharge your Etsy shop's success 🚀

It's your secret weapon for monitoring, optimizing, and skyrocketing your sales like never before.


There are columns to weekly track:

  • Total Listings
  • Shop Visits
  • Total Orders
  • Conversion Rate (the key to successful shops!)
  • Total Revenue
  • Ad Spend
  • Revenue from Ads
  • Profit Goal 


The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your:

  • Ad Profitability
  • Percent of Revenue from Ads
  • Total Profits 
  • The Difference from Your Actual Profits to Your Goal


Plus the spreadsheet will add up your totals by:

  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year


When you purchase, you'll receive:

A PDF with a Link to the Google Spreadsheet.  You'll be prompted to make a copy and you'll own that copy forever.  You must have a Google account to use a Google spreadsheet.  

You can go to file > download > Microsoft Excel to make an Excel version.  

The formulas to calculate your totals are locked, so you don't have to worry about messing anything up.  


*This is a digital item; nothing will be shipped to you.  You'll receive a download with instructions and link to get your spreadsheet.  Google Account required to use the spreadsheet




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