Craft Pricing Calculator and Profit Margin Calculator

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Are you trying to figure out how much to charge for your crafts?  If the formula for pricing products leaves you scratching your head then this Craft Pricing and Profit Margin Calculator is for you.  

Just plug in your numbers and it will automatically calculate your total cost.  Enter your desired markup percent and see what your profit is along with your selling price.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

✅  Bonus:  Competitors Analysis Sheet: Ensure your prices are competitive

✅ Bonus: Discount Calculator: See at a glance how much profit you'll make when running a sale.  

Stop guessing and start knowing you'll be making a profit today!

The spreadsheet includes places to enter:

  • Supply Costs
  • Packaging Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Other Costs

Plus, enter up to 10 competitors and see at a glance if your prices are competitive. 

Adjust your profit margin to see how much profit you'll make at different markups.  

See at a glance how profitable you'll be while running a sale. 

When you purchase, you'll receive:

A PDF with a Link to the Google Spreadsheet.  You'll be prompted to make a copy and you'll own that copy forever.  You must have a google account to use a google spreadsheet.  

The formulas to calculate your totals are locked, so you don't have to worry about messing anything up.  


*This is a digital item, nothing will be shipped to you.  You'll receive a download with instructions to get your spreadsheet.  Google Account required to use the spreadsheet




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