Digital Product Pricing Calculator and Profit Margin Calculator

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Are you stuck trying to figure out how to price your digital files? If you price based on your design time, you're way over the competition. If you try to beat the competition, are you even making a profit after fees, fees and more fees?

Where's the sweet spot on pricing your digital goods that will guarantee sales and profit?

The Digital Product Pricing and Profit Calculator helps you reverse engineer digital product pricing. Simply plug in your numbers and see at a glance that you're both competitive and profitable.  

Bonus: Competitors Analysis Sheet: Ensure you're prices are competitive

Bonus: Brainstorming Sheet - List out 100 design ideas, check the box as you complete the design and list it for sale. 

Stop guessing and start knowing you'll drive sales and make a profit today!

The spreadsheet includes places to enter:

  • Design Type
  • Listing Fees
  • Selling Fees
  • Processing and Transaction Fees are automatically calculated for you (based off of Etsy's Fees)
  • Your List Price
  • Your Discount Amount
  • Final Price and Profit are Automatically Calculated for You
  • Enter Your Monthly Profit Goal

✅ Plus, enter up to 10 competitors and see at a glance if your prices are competitive. 


✅  See at a glance how profitable you'll be while running a sale

✅ Know how many sales you need to make each month to hit your profit goal

✅ Brainstorm and check off all of your design ideas


When you purchase, you'll receive:

A PDF with a Link to the Google Spreadsheet.  You'll be prompted to make a copy and you'll own that copy forever.  You must have a google account to use a google spreadsheet.  

The formulas to calculate your totals are locked, so you don't have to worry about messing anything up.  


*This is a digital item, nothing will be shipped to you.  You'll receive a download with instructions to get your spreadsheet.  Google Account required to use the spreadsheet




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