{Hard Copy} Conquer Your Cricut -The Ultimate Guide to using Your Cricut

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Conquer your Cricut is THE Ultimate Guide to using your Cricut Cutting Machine. We take you from setting up your machine to learning how to use design space to cutting projects in a user-friendly way.  

The step-by-step cheat sheets are exactly what you need to save your sanity while using your Cricut.  Plus troubleshooting tips are included for known issues in Design Space so you don't get stuck.  

When I first started using my Cricut it was a lot of late nights and wasted vinyl.  I didn't understand why I was having such a problem.  And I so wished I had a guide to show me what to do.  

That's why I created this book for you. You will easily be able to make great things, without a bunch of frustration and wasted products like me. 

In this guide you will find:

Instructions for PC/Mac and IOS iPhone/iPad

  • How to set up your Cricut
  • Using the mats
  • Cricut Blades
  • How to download and upload SVG Cut Files
  • Upload Images
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Attach
  • Welding
  • Slice 
  • Curve Text
  • Script Text
  • Adding Glyphs and Special Characters
  • Contour (modifying files)
  • Score paper
  • Print then Cut
  • Use Cricut Pens
  • Prepare your Mats
  • Prepare to Cut
  • Plus troubleshooting tips

As an added bonus you'll learn how to:

  • Make Knockout Designs
  • Make Monograms
  • Make Stencils
  • Layer Adhesive Vinyl
  • Paint Signs with Stencils
  • Get Vinyl to Stick to Canvas

It's like Cricut Design Space for dummies.  Keep the book by your Cricut and you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips. 

You will receive the up to date version of Conquer Your Cricut, however, due to the fact that it is a physical book, you will not receive future updates.  


**It will take 10-14 business days for printing and shipping**

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