Lovely Lanterns SVG Design in Cricut and Inkscape

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Are you ready to start designing your own custom SVG cut files?

But it seems super overwhelming, doesn't it? It was super overwhelming for me at first as well.

Six years later, I've got it down pat, and simplified it so anyone can learn.

You'll be able to create your own custom designs in a whim to make or sell once you're done with this affordable workshop.

In the Course: ($47 VALUE)

  • How to Create THREE different Lantern Templates in Cricut Design Space and Inkscape
  • How to Design your lanterns, three ways.
  • InkScape Only - How to make a round 3D lantern.
  • Learn skills you can use over and over for SVG creation.
  • Design with me with 17 step-by-step videos
  • The secret weapon to design any lantern you want.
  • The ability to design SVGs to sell on places like Etsy.

Join now and start designing today. 

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